Accredited Virtual School

Virtual Private Academy is an online school, registered in the state of Florida. VPA meets the highest standards, and offers students and their families the peace of mind that comes with a premier private academy experience. We offer both parent led and teacher led classes to suit every budget. Our parent led classes are not accredited, but don't confuse that with being low quality. These classes can be transferred to public schools, and high schools.

Accreditation is an ongoing process of self-study, goal-setting, and evaluation. During the self-study phase of the accreditation process, the school compiles data about its programs from all members of its community, including students, parents, and teachers. The information from school stakeholders is collated in a self-study report.

Being a fully accredited online High School students receive reciprocity of credits, courses, and grade-level placements with schools and universities around the world. Our accredited status validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities, and indicates that our curriculum and teachers are meeting state, US, and Ontario standards.

Because Virtual Private Academy is a fully accredited online private academy, our transcripts are recognized by colleges and universities worldwide. In addition to our accreditation, most Virtual Private Academy courses are also NCAA Division I and II and University of California a-g approved. Thus, most college-bound, NCAA, and transferring students receive credit for courses completed at Virtual Private Academy

Our accrediting bodies are:

Virtual Private Academy is committed to being the most affordable Virtual Academy. We can do this by not having brick and mortar expenses that many schools have. Our team works remotely, so that we don’t have unnecessary office expenses, because of this we are able to pass our savings on to families.

We offer different pricing options to meet every family’s budget.

VPA allows families to create a program that works best for their schedule. Our flexible schedule ensures that students are working at a time that is best for their learning potential. Students are able to excel academically while maintaining a flexible schedule. This approach allows students to adapt their schedules to accommodate outside interests. We offer rolling enrollment, which allows students to bring school at any time of year.

We offer over 550 curricula options. VPA brings together multiple providers to a single platform creating the best learning experience for students. Our courses are chosen so offer a challenging academic curriculum in a distance learning environment.

We are proud to offer courses designed to prepare students for College, and Careers in high demand fields.

As an accredited virtual Academy, VPA meets the highest standards of excellence and offers students and families the peace of mind that comes with a private school experience

We are proud to offer courses accredited by AdvancedEd, Cognia, and the University of California A-G. Our accreditation ensures students receive credits, courses and grade-level placements, while transcripts receive recognition from college and universities worldwide.